[Comic][Marvel] X-men by Brian Wood - Sci-Fi, Action
So apparently, X-men is getting a re-launch where female characters get center stage: Jubilee, Kitty Pride, Storm, Rogue, Rachel Grey, and Psylocke.
The author seem intent on approaching his writing by thinking of the characters as real people first rather than sex.
Sounds promising!
[Comic][Image] SAGA by Brian K. Vaughan - Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure
I bought the first volume a month ago from just reading the summary and knowing the reputation of the author’s work. The artist for the work is Fiona staples; you can see, she is very talented as well.
The story is about an unlikely family that was born in the midst of an intergalactic war between the magical moon people and the non-magical planet it’s orbiting around. Each parent is from each side of the struggle and because of their union, both sides are after their heads. They will also have to find a place in the galaxy that they can be accepted in society.
I don’t think I have come across a comic that touches upon family values with fantasy action in one book before. There is a lot of time spent on all the characters introduced and it makes me crave to know more about them. Give it a read, if you haven’t already
[Manga][Kodansha] Liar x Liar by KINDAICHI Renjuurou - Shoujo
This was an interesting drama/romance read. Our female protagonist has a bit of a complex/trauma due to the exposure to her younger brother’s frivolous love life. One day the brother falls head over heels in love with a high school girl. This girl however just so happens to be his sister all dressed up :o. So our protagonist thinking of getting back at her brother continues with the charade… only it gets harder to get out of it as it continues.
Despite the incest thing lol, I like the girl. she has various problems in her life and she struggles to work them out. I can relate with trying to break off a relationship but worrying about how to do it or justifying it.
As for the romance, it is more like a josei story. Most times the protagonist is trying to avoid any action with her brother at all costs but you can see a relationship is developing between them as “strangers” compared to their non existent relationship as “siblings”.
I still wonder how blind the brother is to not recognize his own sister. maybe he does know? I want to find out! 
[Manga][KC Dessert] House of the Sun by Taamo - Shoujo
I’m following this not very typical shoujo manga. I find it a little more complicated than the usual high school romance stories because the characters give me something I can relate to and worry about.
The story’s protagonist Mao has a troubled family life. Her mother left when she was young and then her dad remarried later but Mao has no place in her own home. Her father does not have any concern over what she does and would rather not deal with her at all. She is taken in by a neighbor Hiiro whose family has broken apart since their parents died. 
unlike most shoujo plots, Mao has many conflicts besides romance to consider: the relationship with her estranged father, her future living conditions, Hiro’s family circumstances, her school social life and her novel series. She worries about a lot of difficult topics that most people don’t have to deal with at her age and you can see that she is very vulnerable although struggling with her situation
Hiro’s character is also just as developed as Mao. You can see how his parent’s death has affected him and the relationship of his siblings. It is rare to find manga these days that can illustrate a character’s values well, and why & how it dictates choices and worries that came up.
the story has sweet and sour moments but is not over the top. Different conflicts pop up in each chapter really shows the depth of the characters.
[Web comic][Naver] The devil King is bored by Kim Sang min - comedy
This series is full of laughs and parodies RPGs and korean memes. The story revolves around the devil king and what he does for fun. each chapter is episodic and entertaining!! Did I mention he looks nice? don’t worry, there is also fanservice for guys too.
[Web comic][Naver] Welcome to Room 305 by Wanan - Slice of life, drama, comedy
This Korean Web comic is an interesting story about a homophobic college student who ends up living in an apartment with a roommate who is gay. There are many sensitive topics that are discussed about homophobia, and relationship issues of  homosexuals.
I found it interesting that in this series it shows that there are still many misconceptions, prejudice and fear about homosexuality today. As the story develops, the main character struggles to live with this situation and he tries to understand his roommate despite his homophobia. His relationship with his roommate does grow one step at a time with one obstacle after another. This development is very realistic and natural which I liked.
[Manga][hakusensha] 14 Sai no Koi by Mizutani Fuka - josei
This is a new series that I’m picking up. It definitely has a josei feel to it even though the story is set in high school. The story is not dramatic and does not have an unbelievable/outrageous love story but it highlights a relationship issue for each chapter and is resolved with the characters reaching out to understand each other.
A girl and a boy who are friends put on an act at school to seem mature for their age even though they are not. They do not talk to each other in class but outside of class they act their age with each other in private. The little moments in their relationship juxtaposed to their act is the focus of the story.
I find each chapter is very relaxing to read and the little moments of interests make me think of the little moments in my life as well.
[Manga][Kodansha] Tonari no Kaibutsu by Robico - Shoujo
I have been currently following this series and I really like how it was written. There is good character development, and complicated feelings/moods come across very well.
The story is about a girl named Mizutani Shizuku who’s number one priority in life is studying and getting good grades. She ends up having to look after a student that is skipping school named Yoshida Haru. Haru is a misunderstood guy who at first glance seems menacing (not always apparent) and was rumoured to be very violent. These two eventually become friends and the series develops their relationship and the relations with other students.
I thought this series is very character driven and there is a lot of character development for most of the characters. unlike other shoujo there aren’t many stereotypical plot elements or other cliche elements.
Shizuku for example has an obsession for studying and getting good grades. When you read, you get a good understanding of what it means to her, why she is who she is and how she prioritizes decisions. The story develops how her values change after meeting Haru (it’s an amazing process). These changes in turn affects how other characters view her (ex. haru feeling insecure watching Shizuku change thinking he will be left behind). 
Haru is still a mysterious character (that’s because he is not the main character) but you learn a lot by his interactions with shizuku and other characters. In the beginning he is a simplistic type of character (bad boy with the heart of gold) but he develops into a more complex character because his values are at odds with shizuku sometimes.
Moods and complicated feelings are conveyed really well when shizuku and haru’s values clash and their relationship hits a wall. Sometimes this manifests in an argument or action but also in a more subtle way in mood (depression/frustration/sadness). The author does this through monologue, flashbacks and conversations with other characters.
I felt I could relate well to what the characters were going through because the development of the characters were done so well. I would recommend giving this series a read!

[Manga] Katekyo Hitman Reborn ch355 - Amano Akira (Shounen)

I thought when Byakuran was defeated, he disappeared across all dimensions… yet here he is?

[Manga] Katekyo Hitman Reborn ch352 - Amano Akira (Shounen)
Such an important discussion but where’s Luce, the 7th female arcobaleno?